Our Story

In the beginning

Baking for others has always been very important to me and something I’ve always done since I was a little girl, then I married a lovely vicar who also shared my joy for showing hospitality. Now, along with our two darling daughters, we love to open our home together to as many people as we can fit in, sometimes even more! Whether it’s a big celebration or catching up over a cup of tea, there’s always something homemade and delicious to eat.

The next step

The most popular of all my desserts has alway been my chocolate brownies, with friends and family insisting that I sell them. Eventually they persuaded me and I started baking them for our local Country Market and word soon got around. Now I bake and post my Indulgent Chocolate Brownies all over the UK and I would love to bake some for you! 

Sharing the love

I have always shown my love for others through my baking and at Vicarage Bakes we take the time and care needed to ensure every Indulgent Brownie is just right. We know that each person receiving our Brownies will taste something rich and luxurious, with a handwritten message inside they make a truly personal gift. 

Perfect for everyone

We perfected our recipe to ensure that all our Brownies are gluten free and many are nut and dairy free too. I know first hand how hard it can be to find good quality, delicious food for those with intolerances. We also support local and national producers as we only use British flour and sugar and our free range eggs are from the lovely hens just a walk away.

Being kind

We have worked hard so that your Indulgent Brownies are as kind to the planet as possible. We have chosen recyclable boxes, compostable parchment paper, biodegradable twine, which together look beautiful, all sealed in a reusable compostable mailing bag. We have made sure that even the packaging adds to the enjoyment of our Indulgent Brownies.